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C adverse events reported by at least 1 of patients in the topamax 200-400 mg day group and more common than in the placebo group are listed in this table.

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unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling paresthesias — in up to 51 percent of people dizziness — up to 32 percent fatigue — up to 30 percent drowsiness — up to 29 percent mental and physical slowing or delays — up to 21 percent nervousness — up to 19 percent upper respiratory infection such as the common cold — up to 18 percent coordination problems — up to 16 percent weight loss — up to 16 percent see topamax weight loss loss of appetite — up to 15 percent taste changes — up to 15 percent confusion — up to 14 percent difficulty with concentration or attention — up to 14 percent nausea — up to 14 percent.


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